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Private Tuition - Thai Boxing Thai Boxing - Muay Thai Training Leeds Private Tuition - Muay Thai

Leeds Muay Thai Boxing
Thai boxing training for ladies, men and Children whether you're just starting out or have past experience.

Our training classes incorporate the use of high intensity exercises and total use of all our punch bags and speed balls. You will also use our arm pads, kick pads and focus pads for drills to work and gain those important technical abilities.

Contact is totally optional during any training, but those of you who want sparring or competition we'll ensure you get plenty of ring work to help your goals.


Thai Boxing usually called Muay Thai, is the national sport of Thailand and has been around for over 2000 years. In our modern day it's used as an effective system for self defence, competitive sport and a fantastic way to get very fit, lose weight and build your self-esteem and confidence!

In short this style utilizes very fast and powerful striking techniques with kicks, knees, elbows, punching and an element of clinching/grappling.

Fitness, enjoyment and a friendly atmosphere, alongside learning the technicalities are a high priority in our training sessions.

Our Thai boxing philosophy

Kick start your new training regime and join our very friendly atmosphere and exciting Thai Boxing classes. You will:

Thai Boxing & Muay Thai Boxing Training Classes - Lose weight and get very fit!

- Definately enjoy our training!

- Build your confidence and self-esteem!

- Learn the technical skills of Thai Boxing!

Simply turn up, wear comfortable training gear and we will provide all the necessary training equipment for your sessions.

We do cater for the complete beginner or the advance person. Whether you wish to compete, take our gradings or simply get fit and build your confidence while learning the martial arts style of Thai Boxing. You will be happy knowing that you can train at your own pace and any physical contact is totally optional.
We are second to none for being the friendliest gym around and have a large contingency of female students.

Competing in Thai boxing

Is certainly not for everybody! At Tigers Gym we ensure you get the right training advice from the start and you are totally aware that there is no pressure to compete, sparr or have any contact in training unless you choose it.
If you do wish to compete - we will do our very best to help you perform at your personal best, whether at semi-contact inter-sparring competition, amateur or professional levels. Our aim is for total commitment to each and every individual who trains at Tigersgym, whatever your aims.

Thai boxing Gradings

Once again there is no pressure to take any grading whilst you train at Tigersgym. Should you decide to grade then we will help you through all the stages progressively and at your own pace. To date we have helped 13 students achieve their Black grade - 1st Dan status and one 2nd Dan. Six students have also completed courses to achieve Instructor status and all have gone onto teach in their own right - ladies too!.

Thai Boxing Training

Most people who attend any training sessions are looking for a very friendly environment to train and work on the pads. we provide exactly this and more, but in a relaxed and fun way. We cater for children, who can build up their confidence, especially when going through trying times in their life. This also applies to any adults having stressful times too. We have a very strong social aspect to our gym where everybody gets on with all who attend, regardless of their standard and achievements.

Children's Thai Boxing Training

Junior Thai boxing sessions are conducted in a friendly atmosphere and covers skills such as, skipping, footwork, punching, knees, Kicks, elbows and and some grappling. General exercises and overall fitness is part of the training. There is some contact sparring - no head contact after extensive training, which is totally optional and with parents consent.

The students learn with fun and will improve their self confidence and self discipline. Children build up on their strength, stamina, balance and discipline. The sessions are great for dealing with bullying and helping with difficult situations that may arise.

At various times we arrange social events for anyone who wishes to join in outside the gym environment. The fantastic camaraderie at Tigersgym allows people make new friends and thoroughly enjoy our classes.

We are based in North Leeds 6 area of Meanwood - close to Woodhouse, Headingley, Lawnswood, Moortown and Chapel Allerton.

Thai Boxing - Muay Thai Instructors


Thai Boxing & Muay Thai Sports Instructor Leeds                  Thai Boxing & Muay Thai Instructor

2 x WBF World Flyweight Boxing Champion
WIBF Intercontinental Flyweight Champion
IFBA World Flyweight Boxing Champion
4 x British Thai Boxing Champion
(ranked No 3 in the World)
Fully qualified Thai boxing coach
Extensive amateur boxing
career while serving in the Royal Navy.
Held professional boxing trainers
licence since 1999.
Extensive Martial arts/Thaiboxing training & Instructing career

Joley Higgins                              Laura Rhodes

Thai Boxing & Boxing Leeds                 Thai Boxing & Boxing Leeds

Fully qualified Thai Boxing Instructor
Extensive background in Boxing/Instructing
Fully qualified Thai Boxing Instructor
Extensive background in Boxing &
Instructing & competition

Thai Boxing Instructor

English WAKO Superheavyweight champion
British WAKO Amateur Championships Superheavyweight Champion
K1 Competitor 2002 losing only on points after forcing an extra round against the eventual winner.
K1 Finalist 2004 losing only to the fantastic "Gary Turner" Fully qualified Thai boxing coach

Class Times

Monday 7:15pm - 8:45pm Thai Boxing Training Ladies Only / 14yrs+ Beginners +
Tuesday 7:15pm - 8:45pm Thai Boxing Training Mixed / 16yrs+ All levels
Wednesday 7:15pm - 8:45pm Thai Boxing Training Mixed / 12yrs+ Beginners+
Thursday 7:15pm - 8:45pm Thai Boxing Training Mixed / 16yrs+ All levels
Saturday 10:00am - 11:00am Kids Thai Boxing Training Mixed / 6-12yrs / All levels
Saturday 12:00am - 1:30pm Thai Boxing Training Mixed 13yrs+ Beginners+

Class Cost/person £8.00
Junior Thai Boxing Saturday class - £7.00
Martial arts insurance/year only £20.00

Excel at a much faster pace with Private 1-2-1 adults Tuition only £30/Hr & under 16's £25/Hr
Small groups of 2-4 people catered for, by arrangement at a cost of between £12 - 20 each - Contact Gary or Michelle.

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Thai boxing grading 22nd July 2018.
All levels

Ladies Thai boxing for beginners+ - Mondays 7.15-8.45pm.

Thai Boxing & Boxing 1-2-1 tuition is available beginners+.

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