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 121 Tuition Boxing Thai boxing Kickboxing and Fitness training

121 tuition in boxing Thai boxing or Kickboxing Martial Arts and fitness training at Tigersgym Leeds comes highly recommended. Michelle 3 times former world champion and trainer is constantly on hand to see you through your personalized training.

Personal training will give you an excellent added benefit, that’s very different from group training sessions. We coordinate 121 sessions to suit whatever training and fitness regime you wish to implement. Personal training allows you to go at your learning and fitness pace.

121 private tuition training for white collar boxing boxing

Initially, you’ll have a consultation with the Instructor. This is to see what you ultimately are aiming to do and achieve. It can be over the phone or in person. In most cases, medical issues can be worked on to benefit yourself during training with some modifications. But always consult with your doctor if you’re in any doubt.

Discussing what you intend to do and achieve with your 121 personal tuition sessions is very important at the outset. Then we can specifically tailor your sessions whether you wish to take up boxing, Thai boxing, or fitness training. Some people opt for a blend of one style and fitness. But we can also tailor it for you – military-style circuit fitness training.

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Training in 121 personal tuition boxing Thai boxing K1-Kickboxing or fitness circuit training

Above all, your training sessions can be solely for fitness or to learn boxing Thai boxing or K1-Kickboxing sports. We can also be more specific and train you with Kickboxing on the pads. You may also want to use these sessions for extra white-collar, charity events, or training for some of our contact competitions.

Many people use the sessions as a different form of fitness training with techniques on the pads. This type of 121 training is excellent for specific cardio fitness workouts and will give you fantastic improvement. But remember, we will cater to everyone as an individual, as no set session suits everybody.

To begin with, you need a simple warm-up and stretch at the start of each session. For the most part, you’ll probably want a quality pad or exercise session. Hence, to work with you on numerous techniques for the style you’ve chosen. We always use calisthenics-type exercises that use your body weight as resistance. Ultimately finishing with a cool down and stretch off.

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Furthermore, you can use your 121 tuitions to complement other fitness activities you may already be doing or to help with Tigersgym training sessions.

Tigersgym is a boxing, Thai boxing, and fitness gym that’s North Leeds based in Meanwood. Close to Woodhouse, Headingley, Lawnswood, Adel, Moortown, Chapel Allerton, and Alwoodley, we are within easy reach of the local Universities and city center.

The benefits of 121 personal tuition boxing, Thai boxing, fitness, or Kickboxing training are:

A proven method to fast-track your learning style. Therefore, increasing your overall confidence in a relaxed, fun, and positive environment.

They will help you to achieve higher levels of cardio fitness and muscle endurance levels. You will also tone up and maintain or lose some weight.

They can be structured to be very specific for your own training needs and aims. while you are pushed to high levels during the 121 training.

They’re very affordable and can be incorporated alongside other classes or training sessions you do. You can also try a few sessions before actually undertaking one of our class sessions in Thai boxing, Boxing, or K1-Kickboxing.

As a result, you will benefit from our advice about basic nutrition and our inclusive fitness knowledge. You will help to further your goals at Tigersgym or help yourself with any other specific sports training.

Call us now and book in and see how you can move forward very quickly!


* Excel at a much faster pace with Personal 1-2-1 tuition – only £35/Hr or Pay for nine upfront and get the tenth session free!
*2 people can double up at £25/hr/person. Private groups of 3 or more are also catered for at £20/Hr/ person. All 1-2-1’s need to be booked in advance by contacting Michelle. 

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