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Thai boxing Muay Thai Martial Arts training for ladies, men & kids at Tigersgym Leeds


Thai boxing Muay Thai training for self-defence, a competitive sport, a fantastic way to keep fit, and lose weight. Thai boxing tuition at Tigers gym will also build your self-esteem and confidence!

Muay Thai Boxing utilizes fast and powerful striking techniques with kicks, knees, elbows, and punching.

Joining a club

When looking to join a club in Thai Boxing you should take note the club doesn’t just emphasize training about competition. Remember this is only one aspect of Thai Boxing and at Tigersgym we aim to develop your overall technical ability, fitness, and your enjoyment in a friendly positive atmosphere should also be a high-priority part of your training.

Join our very friendly and exciting Thai Boxing classes for men, ladies, and children.

Our Philosophy

Muay Thai Boxing & Thai Boxing Training lessons at Tigers gym.

– Enjoy the training and become very fit!

– Build confidence and you can lose weight!

– Learn Thai Boxing and feel positive about it!

University of Leeds boxing club sparring membersRing sparring training

Due to future hygiene reasons, any sparring at Tigersgym will now require you to obtain your own leg pads and gloves for all general Thai boxing training – we do sell reasonably priced items like these.

Simply turn up, wear comfortable training gear and we provide all the training equipment for you.

We cater to the complete beginner to the advanced student. Whether you wish to hit pads for technique, compete, take gradings, or simply get fit. Furthermore, you’ll build your confidence while learning Thai Boxing at Tigers gym. Furthermore, we also cater to the Leeds University students Thai boxing club who train at Tigersgym.

You will be happy knowing that you can train at your own pace and any physical contact is totally optional in our classes.
We are second to none for being the friendliest gym around and have a large contingent of female students, of which many attend our ladies-only session.

*Not looking for class training sessions, our excellent 121 personal training in Thai boxing could be for you.

No need to book in advance, simply turn up in comfortable training gear and start building your technique, fitness, and confidence! Tigers gym is based in the North Leeds 6 area of Meanwood. Close to Woodhouse, Headingley, Lawnswood, Moortown & Chapel Allerton.


It’s certainly not for everybody! At Tigers gym, we ensure you get the right training advice from the start. You will be totally aware that there is no pressure to compete or have any contact in training unless you choose it. 

If you do wish to compete, we will do our very best to help you perform at your personal best. This is whether your level is at semi-contact inter-sparring competition, amateur or professional levels. Our aim is for total commitment to each and every individual who trains at Tigersgym, whatever your aims. 

Thai boxing gradings

Once again there is no pressure to take any grading whilst you train at Tigersgym. Should you decide to grade then we will help you through all the stages progressively and at your own pace.

Also, we have helped 15 students achieve their Black grade, 1st Dan status, and one 2nd, Dan. Six students have also completed courses to achieve Instructor status and all have gone onto teach in their own right, ladies too! 

Thai boxing training

Most people who attend training classes at Tigersgym are looking for a very friendly environment to train and workout on the pads. we provide exactly this and more, but in a relaxed, positive and fun way.

We cater to children, who can build up their confidence, especially when going through trying times in their life. This also applies to any adults having stressful times too. We have a very strong social aspect to our gym where everybody gets on with all who attend, regardless of their standard and achievements.

Kids Thai boxing training

Junior Thai boxing sessions are conducted in a very friendly and positive atmosphere. We cover skills such as skipping, footwork, punching, knees, Kicks, elbows and some grappling. Also, general exercises and overall fitness is part of the training. Contact sparring is optional and only with parents consent.

The students learn with fun and will improve their self-confidence and self-discipline. Children build upon their strength, stamina, and balance. The lessons are great for dealing with bullying and helping with difficult and stressful times.


£9.50 All persons 1.25 Hrs
£8.50 – 1 Hr – Junior Thai Boxing – Saturdays 10:15 – 11:15 am

* Excel at a much faster pace with Personal 1-2-1 tuition – only £35/Hr or Pay for nine upfront and get the tenth session free!
*2 people can double up at £25/hr/person. Private groups of 3 or more are also catered for at £20/Hr/ person. All 1-2-1’s need to be booked in advance by contacting Michelle. 

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Gary Sutcliffe

Extensive amateur boxing career while serving in the Royal Navy. Held professional boxing trainers licence since 1999. Extensive Martial...


Class Trainer

Michelle Sutcliffe

Leeds hometown girl - Michelle was the first professional British Boxing Board of Control "BBBofC"...


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